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How it all started…

As a little girl, I was always fascinated with jewels and trinkets and I often used to sit and play for hours with my older sisters jewellery, wearing them never failed to make me feel like a princess….

One evening in the spring of 2004, I was discussing endless topics (which included jewellery), with my two dear friends and my fascination with jewels was ignited once more.  I was encouraged to take my passion to the next level and started off assembling small pieces for myself which were always well received. Within a short space of time, family and friends would ask “can you make me something to wear with this?” “I want something sparkly so I can feel like a princess?”  I would design something special for them and their positive comments then gave me even more motivation to continue further…

Kyriki is all about designing unique handmade accessories to suit you. I take pride in spending lots of time on all my creations to ensure that they are all finished to the highest quality. Throughout the years I have gained experience, knowledge and an array of skills and new techniques that I use in a variety of my designs.

To date, all my clients have responded with great comments, thanking me and complimenting my work: “…the handmade craftsmanship was top quality…”

To conclude, I am highly passionate about my designs and endeavour to ensure that once you wear one of my creations, you too will feel like a princess!

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